Friday, March 25, 2016

Mr. X all *new* Legendaire, Group Gift October 4 Seasons Skins & Easter Goodies Heart Homes

Étretat had already been painted by Delacroix and Courbet, but that didn’t stop Monet. He thought he could do it better-the sand of the Normandy shore, the light glinting off the cliffs at Cap d’Antifer. At least that is what Mr. X thinks.  He knows I have a penchant for silk and vintage designs... so he bought me a new dress by Legendaire called Eva.

I love it's classic sheath lines, they are simple and clean. The texture reminds me of a wild floral art deco pattern that is set on black silk with rich earth tone swirls.  The ruffle hemline adds a fem fatale touch.  Eva is a stunning style that is well made and perfect for any occasion on the grid. 

Another outfit by Legendaire is called GIA and features wide bell bottom hip hugging jeans in a fabulous denim texture that  is paired with a colorful silk floral handkerchief midriff belly baring top.  This outfit comes with matching wedge heels that give it the perfect come hither summer vibe.  I rarely if ever wear jeans, but these are  well done... I think my first blog ever for a pair of jeans... Mr. X passes out!

Whatever you do -- don't miss the fantastic gift skin by October 4 Seasons for the month of March "called" Center of Attention  -- there is still time so get this  GIFT skin!  October continues to amaze me with her generosity and  total skin talent.... It comes with two fabulous make-ups  in a wonderful light skin tone.  You can wear this skin with or without the tattoos, one for the front and for the back (the back tattoo not shown is a great green symbol).  As an added special attraction this month... October has included a gorgeous blue skin that is perfect for those of you that like fantasy... I can't wait to find the right thing to wear with it... you will love it!  The March  Gift  Skin also comes loaded with every applier on the planet and can be worn with  classic avatar bodies. 

And, for those of you still looking for Easter "Stuffs"... I just could not resist the "cuteness" created by Aphrodite at Heart Homes... Easter trees in  a variety of colors with chocolate eggs that droop and drop off trees...Yum... and low prim to boot... and then, the baskets, for an I love you -- Happy Easter Gift... who can resist.... "Some bunny loves you" !!  Mr. X cannot resist -- that is for damn sure! 

The baskets come loaded with all manner of animations and  many things to wear from Mr. & Mrs. Bunny to bunny shoes and even a spring bouquet... perfect for lovers and  if you have little ones... great for them too! Now... please I leave you to  eat these chocolate eggs and play with the colors and the trees..... oh Mr. X is in for a bunny hop  for sure!


Outfit 1

Legendaire  - * New* - Dress - Eva

Skin - October 4 Seasons - *New* Catalina Papavar

Necklace - Captivating Jewelery - Beachcomber  -

Outfit 2
Legendaire - Jeans, top, shoes - Gia

Skin - October 4 Season Skins - March Group Gift - Center of Attention
Easter Goodies - Aphrodite At Heart Homes
Easter Tree -  violet (comes in tons of colors)
Lil Rabbit Easter Basket
Cute Chicks Easter Basket

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