Monday, November 17, 2014

Bedtime Stories by Mr. X and SYS...

As much as Mr. X loves me in a gown... there is something even more evocative, so he says, when I wear something urban chic... and one of my favorite designers for that is SYS.   I am loving this worn deconstructed leather jacket with it's silver chains and black leather collar paired with a black ripped midriff shirt also by SYS.
Speaking of urban, Mr. X is a big fan of urban legends... like the one about the bunyip, a mythical Australian creature that is an evil spirit that lives in swamps and creeks and other murky waters (a big croc comes to my mind!).
He tells me another tale of the yowie... a giant creature that is the equivalent of the yeti or sasquatch in North America.  Some say he is the hulking beast that hides from people and will only engage when provoked.  Others say that the creature is very aggressive.  Either way, there is no way I want to meet the Yowie!
To complete this look, I am wearing wild black and teal  leggings from SYS and fabulous cyber -punk platform work boots... hoping not to step on any toes in these!
Mr. X's final bedtime urban legend was about the choking doberman. A couple who had been out drinking came home to find their beloved dobbie choking and rushed it to the  vet only to find out it was choking on a burglar's finger... eeeks -- that was still in their home!  The owner found the burglar in their bedroom unconscious...I guess if you are going to have a guard dog... that is the kind to have!!!!

Wearing - SYS
Doom Boots in Blue
Bomber - Destroy Shirt
Vega Jacket
SubLM Leggings - cyan
Bomber- Tanga 1
MP -
Inworld -

Hair - Vanity Hair - Driven to Tears - red
MP -
inworld -

Morphine Skin

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