Friday, November 14, 2014

Mr. X & the Sister of Light.... Ayesha - Sascha's New Release

As Mr. X drifted to sleep listening to the sweet voice of the Lady of the Rivers, just as she predicted.... he had a vision....
Colonnades fading in the lazy afternoon light-- sunlight filtered through tangerine...tones of oyster and violet...  the light of his smoldering eyes. Unforgettable.
The moon is on the wax, like a round silver seal, low on the horizon, sinking down.  But in the sky, toward the east, there is a great bright light...
She emerges in a whirlwind of light.... beckoning him... in a silk gem encrusted skirt and midriff top with a stole of white feathers -- a new release by Sascha Designs called- Ayesha with hints of the magic of Aladdin.
Like a seer, the sister of light always knows the answer... while Mr. X holds this thought like enchantment dreaming......

Wearing- Sascha's Designs - Aeysha - New

Hair - Emo-tions - Semiramis - Snow

Skin and Shoes Slink High Heels in White - Morphine

Nails - Nailed It - Gemstones - Diamond

Sparkie Harland - Image Photography Meshudio Version 2
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