Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mr. X and Lady of the Rivers - NSP Dream Weaver & Celtic Wedding Dress

In the misty woods Mr. X encountered the Lady of the Rivers... ephemeral as running water that glides through fingers... he listens to her call his name in a sweet voice, very high and very thin.
She sings to him of mystical nights when the earth was young and the forests alive with elves and fairies, goblins and yes, even hobbits, a favorite of Mr. X's.
The trees of the great forest surround the lakes and rivers blanketing them in lush greens in shades from emerald to olive... swallows and brightly colored birds swirl through the forest like glimmering gems... the Lady of the Rivers tells Mr. X that when he wants to know something very important... to choose three charms that signify what that thing might be....
Drop the charms in the nearest river in the silence of the night when you can only hear the voice of the river... as she whispers your fondest desires...
As night falls so does Mr. X into an enchanted dream where the rivers run cool and deep...knowing the river holds all the answers.... when the moon is new he will know what must be done.

Wearing: NSP -Dream Weaver - Arm piece, gown attachment, earrings, necklace and crown

Dress: Quality Designs - Celtic Wedding Dress -

Skin - Morphine

Hair - Truth - Carrie - white

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