Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mr. X & the "in" Crowd New Design by Resun

It happened again, in an instant. Mr X with his Aussie accent mumbles my heart (or was it head) has fallen asleep...ugh time zones...
I say to myself, I love my new leather studded sexy outfit by Resun called Brenda as I elegantly disembark from the taxi into the misty night...this outfit will wake him up!
In that moment --as our eyes meet and he takes my hand, we fall instantly in love again... "Sita, this is stunning... and you look beautiful -- Resun has outdone himself."  I say, I know!!! Check out the sandals -- sold separately they complete this look.
I am in love with the asymmetric design of Brenda's skirt that is made of 100% leather that flows on the summer wind. The rhinestone studded bolero jacket  and belt made Mr. X melt!  I like that. Brenda comes with the Sarah pearl necklace that dangles so seductively.
We will dance until midnight...then talk late into the early hours of the morning.  You would be so easy to love playing softly in the background...there is no place like Bourbon Street. 
Later, I confess to Mr. X that Brenda by Resun gave me even more confidence.  He later confesses nothing, of course. He just smiles and listens.... then takes me in his arms.... and......

Wearing -
Dress *NEW* Brenda by Resun
Shoes: *NEW* Brenda Spiked leather heels with color changing hud

Skin: - Rehana- Marigold - October 4 Seasons

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