Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mr. X and the Siren - Poet's Heart's Ocean Soul.......

They tell me I could not be more beautiful... I am a siren, singing against the wind... my songs reverberate against the rocks echoing the  feelings deep inside you.

My songs are haunting, alluring, enticing, soulful, ancient.... and beautiful -- just like this new siren of the sea inspired gown and head piece called Ocean Soul by Poets Heart.
Mr. X Lingers with the Sirens... he lulled by their songs  of life and adventure... the allure of a siren sweetly singing your name cannot be resisted -- you will answer her is only natural.
Ocean Soul comes in sunkissed colors of breeze, coral reef,woodland pond, glacier, dawn at lake, rolling river and sunset by the ocean. The ombre like textures are artfully made with a faint scale like pattern almost like the tail of a mermaid.

Sold separately is the matching headpiece that completes the look. It adds a shell and coral headpiece with a matching color changing hud. It is incredibly shaded and each coral branch can be changed. The headpiece also comes with pearls that match the pearl belt at the waistline, that can be changed as well.  In perfect siren fashion, the shoulder embellishments shaped like coral  float on the air...
Beautiful and lonely. Encased in timeless lore... the siren sings to you of love... you will fall blissfully into the dream.

Dress - *New* - Poets Heart - Ocean Soul- colors: Breeze from the Sea and Coral Reef (there are 4 more in tones of white, greens and pink)

Headpiece, pearls and coral embellishments * New* Poets Heart Ocean Soul Accessories with matching color changing hud

Skin Rehana Marigold - October 4 Seasons
Eyemake up - *New* Everlasting Eyeshadow - October 4 Seasons and Flossy Equality

Hair - Truth - Olinda - Gingers

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