Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Princess Perpetua, Muse and Mr. X

Tonight I go to the secret grotto... in search of the oracle... I am poor Princess Amethyst --  of ashes and crowns gained and lost...In my darkest hours I wear Perpetua by TWA in Ash and the matching  *new*  Muse  Royal Perpetua Burnished Bronze crown, earrings and ring set with amethysts with a color changing gem hud. Do  you remember... my problem... and should  I  ask the oracle what to do... she is  the light.

This is serious as the empire is at stake and I have so many choices to make... the bronze crown or the golden or the silver...Muse has made  three opulent choices all with color changing huds and all as alluring as the oracle... do you think she will show herself and tell me what I must ask Mr. X to do?

Oh great  goddess mother... I  beg you to appear as your celtic daughter that needs your wisdom and kindness... I will bring you gifts of all manner... and ..... I think I see her... do you?  Perhaps she will be the kind goddess and .... Yes! and Yes! again...she appears and I  have all my answers... now I know what to do....

In this long night I await --- soft footsteps and then...  the world is set right again... as the oracle has told me..I count the grains of the sand on the beach and I hear the voiceless...I see the stars in his eyes and I understand  the impossible is... possible....

Jewelry -  Muse - Royal Perpetua * New*  Crown in bronze  also comes in two additional  options

Gown- TWA -Royal Perpetua - Ashes


Skin - October 4Seasons -  Laila  Marigold

A Note about October 4 Season Skins:

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