Sunday, May 10, 2015

Waiting for Mr. X - Lyrical B!zzare & New Make Up October 4 Seasons

Past Bali. Past Lombok. Onward to Ambon. The spice island of flowers and enchantment located deep in the sapphire blue heart of the South this gorgeous exclusive at The Instruments called Lynn by Lyrical B!izzare.
The top piece of this gorgeous gown is like a fabled garden as it forms a wreath of flowers around the neckline that is complimented by a crop top that is so trendy right now. Mr. X tells me he thinks he has been enchanted by a Gauguin island girl that has favored a mere mortal.  I think he is right!
The sleek silk skirt of this gown is shot with iridescent colors that catch your eye if you look hard enough... passion pink, glimmering greens, tantalizing teal and blue black gives the deep sapphire blue of this gown depth... like a secret in the heart of midnight.
For make up I am wearing the new group gift skin for May called Mother Nature by October 4 Seasons -- it is a sensual mocha color and comes with a surprise tattoo below the waist line that could just be a "game changer."
For eyeshadow and lashes I am wearing October 4 Season's Skins must have combination.  The eye shadow is called Everlasting and comes in a fat pack of 7 colors.  I am wearing blue Monday.
 I have paired the eyeshadow with the October 4 Seasons new eyelashes called Captivating.  They are mesh lashes easy to wear and they come in 7 complimentary shades.  I am wearing tri-blue.
Mr. X.... meet you in the Maluku Islands.. where time seems to stand still --- let us sway on the nutmeg breeze amid trees drooping with jackfruit, rose apple and guava.

Gown - *New* - Lyrical B!zzare - Lynn - Exclusive at The Instruments
The Instruments LM

Nails - ghee - Blue Essentials

Hair - Truth - Holly

Skin- October 4 Seasons - Group Gift for May - Mother Nature Make up 1

Eyeshadow - October 4 Seasons  *New* - Everlasting - Blue Monday

Lashes - October 4 Seasons *New* - Captivating Mesh Lashes - Tri-Blue

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