Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mr. X and Princess Amethyst *New* TWA & Muse

I hear them coming. The crunching footsteps on the gravel of the garden paths, then beneath my window, and then the clatter of the metal heels of their boots on the stones of the courtyard. Two heralds bearing the royal colors of court and my personal standard.  They blow the trumpets and hammer on my palace doors to inform me that the Lady Queen Mother is to honor me with a visit tomorrow.

As soon as the heralds depart and the door is closed I fall into a frenzy about my dress. Dark purple I think. It has got to be dark purple, an imperial color trimmed with gold. After all I am the Princess Amethyst !  I have chosen the new release by White Armory called  Royal Perpetua Gown in purple (of course) ! It also comes in a series of other opulent colors. 

The Royal Perpetua Gown is certainly fit for a princess or a formal event... it comes with a lavish full neck piece, and waistband that is decorated with gems.... Amethysts of course. I love the celtic dragon pattern in gold -- it is simply empowering. 

have combined this gown with the Maiden of Tuatha earrings and necklace a new release by Muse.(not worn is crown and veil that is entirely fabulous).  Dressed in  Royale Perpetua  opulent gown I wait in the presence chamber. He tells me I shall be an Autumn Bride.... I think ok, "My Lord"  autumn is like a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  I trust in nature... and he like Mr. X is someone I will garner to the end of time.

As an Autumn bride I am wearing a garland of  grape vines and grapes by D!va and the new eye shadow and lashes by October 4 Season Skins called Enchanted Grape and Lavender Dreams...not to mention the elegant necklace and earrings by Muse....  what could be better than that for Princess Amethyst..............

An autumn Bride.... forever autumn....  reminds me of something... a chill in the air and a warm fire in my heart... I await you Mr. X.... as we will walk a path of  golden leaves......

Gown- TWA - The White Armory *NEW*  Royal Perpetua Gown  

Jewelry - Muse - *NEW* - Tuatha earrings and necklace ( set also comes with veil & crown)

Skin -  October 4 Seasons - Jewell Marigold
Eyeshadow - *NEW* - October 4 Seasons - Delight Eyeshadow - Lavender Dreams
Lashes - *NEW* October 4 Seasons - Enchanted Grape Tipped Mesh Eyelashes
 Landmark -

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  1. Beautifully done!!!!! ♥♥♥ :-D