Friday, May 22, 2015

Mr. X. Queen Druantia Lady of the Moss New TWA

She heard me arrive -- undercover -- mist of the moors...  moss green and a quintessential opalescent jaded queen... to be  acknowledged, and respected.  I have learned, love comes later, if at all. And, to me, that matters not.  I am Queen Druantia and as the sun sets... they all want the lady in moss green ... Druantia a new gown by TWA and Dancing Anemone Jewelry by Muse. 
I see  the Princess Amethyst she comes with questions, she wants to retain her head... but I am the lady of the moss and moors and I  run..... sometimes you just must run... she knows he courts and sparks me... how can I tell her...  i tell her  the more I talk to him... (Mr. X) the more  I can never let go...after all she is the autumn bride... but I am spring... renewal....

I can almost see him standing on the chancel steps when i come through  the Abbey to a sudden crystal sound of trumpets that echo off the arches.  I stand alone in the arches.  His kind eyes fall on my face and we gaze at each other; and I think, yes, I have known Mr. X for thousands of years and in many lifetimes.

And then I think... didn't it feel good when ... we sit and talk " Lord" ---- and even not is just so good...  i am never  alone  you always watch me... and yet --- we both  are inspirations..  and yes, I am Queen Druantia  ---- but what about Princess Amethyst ?

I wait  alone, resplendent  in moss green wearing  TWA's new form fitting mesh gown called Queen Druantia   --- the King now listens to me -- always with great attention and for this I  love him more each day... and yet the Princess.....

Gown- TWA - The White Armory *NEW*  Queen Druantia Gown Moss

Jewelry - Muse - Dancing Anemone Accessories - Kelp (note the headpiece has been pushed down, it is not a tiaria)

Skin -  October 4 Seasons - Rehana Pearl Auburn
Lashes - *NEW* October 4 Seasons - Enchanted Orange Tipped Mesh Eyelashes
 Landmark -

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