Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mr. X and Vivian *New* Wicca's Wardrobe and October 4 Seasons

Life is a war zone -- of unexpected snags, unanticipated consequences and of course the lattice of coincidence.  When Mr. X told me, once again, that  he loved me -- a small cyclone whipped around my brain as I imagined the deadlier members of his kingdom ... in this whirlwind there were no guideposts or warning signs to help me find my way.  He is of ancient blood and his history goes to the dawn of time.  AND, of course, so does mine!  I am wearing Vivian by Wicca 's Wardrobe and the Montana boots that are exclusives at the  We <3 Role Play that goes until the 1st of April.  Vivian and Montana boots are discounted 33% for the duration of the event and on the event sim only!
The Greeks and later, the Romans  (he tells me he knew them both and won battles) idealized physical perfection and that nothing shows this as perfectly as the new release by  Wicca's Wardrobe called Vivian created  exclusively for We <3 Role Play.  The leather gladiator skirt with its fine worn leather texture was favored historically by the Corinthians -- particularly the warriors that protected the royal family...and yes, he would know that as he is royal... (no, not a royal pain)..... The detail in this is amazing and pure perfection  right down to each exacting eyelet and hook... stitch and texture....

The  top reminds me of the Lorica Segmenta, at one time, very popular with the Roman Legions with its polished brass and silver plates it is a perfect (and sexy) example of  "royal"  muscle armour.  Mr. X adores this look with the leather skirt stitched with leather straps... we are meet the wind. Vivian is made in different basic leather colors. The shirt, skirt and belt are all separate items and it comes with a HUD that lets you change the colors of the shirt and the belt. Vivian is available in 3 colors and is also available as a fatpack. Vivian comes in 5 standard sizes PLUS a fitted version for the Slink Physique AND the Slink Hourglass mesh body.

And, the boots, with their color changing hud... they are unbeatable in comfort and style -- these long  field boots are crafted from  full grain leather and they lace up the back.  These boots are perfect for  this outfit-- with their stitched leather soles, front shield and stacked leather walking heel.   Montana Boots also come with a color changing hud offering 9  different colors that match Vivian that comes in camel and black.

Outside the clouds were still  draped on the skyline, but at the horizon they were thin enough to reveal the light of a new dawn.  It might actually clear today I thought.   A gust of wind burst past me... the gentle tingle against my skin told me what I already knew.  My sisters of the lute and harp always beckon me and i relax as they play...  together we define Muse.....

And, of course, October 4 Season Skins,   new at skin fair,  Catalina Papavar a must a have... fife make ups and one natural ... several brows light and dark and with all appliers... it is the most luscious must have skin yet..... don't miss it.... Mr. X always tells me a bedtime story....  it begins....

Exclusives for We <3 Role Play event through April 1
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 Outfit - Wicca's Wardrobe - * new*  -- Vivian Camel

Boots - Wicca's Wardrobe - *new* -- Montana Boots

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Skin -  October 4 Seasons - *new* - Catalina - Papavar
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Hair - Emo-tions- Amare

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