Monday, March 14, 2016

Mr. X and the Tempest - * new* TWA and October@ Skin Fair

I went to gaze at the temple we build together ... it has three tiers that I will fill with flowers. We have  painted our temple columns with gold... my darling architect prince tells me that I am a true princess of the dawn... and always, I seem to be waiting for the sunrise and my beloved.  I will wait for him in the shadows of the columns... in the new gown by TWA called Tempest Gown Set- Memories.

And when he arrives -- the horizon sparkles with gold that radiates... off the gold columns... he is my sun indeed.  Today we will bring flowers to the gods... and ask for their blessing... as our future is muddy like the Nile in full rage of spring flood -- this is what the soothsayer of the Siwa Oasis told us...  not long ago...  Siwa it is the same sacred oasis where my cousin, Alexander the Great went for inspiration.... will we ever will find our way...I fear the path is long...and difficult.

I love the  fluttering cape of the Tempest Gown Set- Memories and its lovely bodice with it's criss-cross top and long flowing skirt that is embellished in gold, silver and electrum... it symbolizes strength and dedication...

I paired TWA's Tempest Gown Set- Memories with what is almost my all time favorite  skin called Catalina Papavar that is an exclusive at the Skin Fair by October 4 Seasons. Catalina also comes in two lighter skin tones Blossom and Lily, that I have blogged about for the last two weeks and will for many weeks to come. Like all October's skins, Catalina Papavar comes with 5 make-ups, a natural hair, several eyebrow colors, even a no eyebrow option.  It is compatible with all appliers and can also be worn by classic avatars. I think this is one of October's best skins... the lips, the eye shadows, the natural options are all gorgeous plus it is  so easy to use with all types of styles and looks good in all lighting... she is a master at this... not to mention October's sense of color...just look at the 5 eye make ups and lip colors.  There is even a natural skin so you can add your own eyeshadow and lipstick.


Gown - TWA - Tempest Gown Set- Memories

Skin - October 4 Season Skins - Catalina Papavar - Skin Fair Exclusive
Skin Fair -

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