Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mr. X - Guys & Dolls - Curious Seamtress at FFL and October 4 Seasons Skin Fair

 Kembri Tomsen the owner of Curious Seamstress specializes in historical and vintage clothing from 1830 through to 1930.  Most of her garments are made in the Victorian style or are from the 1920s.  I just love the glamour of the 1920s so, how could I resist wearing a  heavily beaded dress called Evening Shadows Poofed that is an exclusive at FFL (Fashion for Life, part of the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life).  It  must have weighed a ton to wear... so pour the champagne!  And, even better, something for the guys--- keep reading!

Mr. X tells me that most of Kembri's  designs are based on existing pieces that reside in museums and private collections embellished with her personal touch and sense of whimsy to bring the dress alive.

Interestingly, the Curious Seamstress does not recolor  the gowns or dresses she recreates in SL. Each gown is in its original color, though sometimes she will enhance the  look with a bit of artistic touch up to bring them back to their original state, virtually speaking.

 Kembri considers herself to be a fashion historian more than a fashion designer. In addition to supporting FFL, she also likes to teach others about the history of fashion if they have an interest. And, thank you Mr. X she did not forget you guys... she has made you a period suit..... and, a "California Dandy" at that!  What's not to love ---

And, guys, never fear, there great shoes toooo -  also being offered at Curious Seamstress at FFL.

Dress - Fashion for Life Exclusive - Curious Seamstress - Evening Shadows Poofed
LM to Store:

Skin - Exclusive at Skin Fair - October 4 Season Skins - Blossom

Hair - *New* - Lulu - Sonatta Morales

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