Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mr. X & -- * New * Poets Heart @ MFGC

Mr. X never asks questions of the Queen of the Fairies -- for  fear that she will magically make him fall in love with her... or worse that she will work the magic of sorcery -- she is an expert --
so is Poet's Heart -- a fabulous Designer of this  Gown called Winter Poem and  the Silvermoon Wings... an exclusive at MFGC  the texture is  reflective and  as  always fantastic...

The Winter Gown and comes with a color changing hud -- featuring six  colors  --  and you can change the  top, belt and  skirt -- each combination is more magical than the next.  I love the flowing skirt and star like texture that is cinched tight at the waist and appears as a flower at the bodice.

 The Silvermoon wings, an exclusive at MFGC come in 8 colors and  are 30% transparent by default. If you'd like them to be more transparent, or completely opaque, you can easily do that yourself.

She whispers in the deepest darkest night... come to me --- walk through the heart will guide you through the fog that has settled on your mind... I know it will lift... especially when you and I ... meet in the forbidden glen... we must watch for the imps of the forest... they are all around... and ill spirits that need a good dash of fairy dust...

Mr. X  searches for his queen in  mint colored glens -- through flower strewn meadows and  in places whose antiquity she may find appealing... all to no avail.....but -- somehow, he always finds his way home --- as the wind in the trees --- as the waves kiss the shoreline... and  always again and again...


 Gown -  Winter Poem - Poet's Heart

Wings - Poet's Heart - exclusive @  MFGC

Jewelry -  Muse - Ma'at-ka-Ra  Tefutefu

Skin -  Zulay - Marigold - October 4 Seasons

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