Friday, March 4, 2016

Mr. X and the little black dress - J&A - Yeliz, October 4 Seasons

This is one of the best silhouette dresses I have seen created by Yeliz called So Bad (it's so good!) that comes in a rich stretchy satin blend.  It is the perfect length and is beautifully proportioned. You will get "the look" you know the one I mean -- up and down... head to toe -- the moment you put on So Bad.  You know this of course, the dress is fabulous...and a perfect little black dress.  I have matched the dress Lavian&CO- By Sage shoes called Petra an exclusive at the J&A Expo.  There are several huds available, this is the animal print hud....I love it... you can change the sides, heels and toe with any of the 6 patterns offered giving you countless options.

The story of So Bad is its simple, perfectly composed, sensual design... that is elemental.  It's a look that has worked for film stars and models... debutantes and vamps for centuries, and it will work for you too. The plunging neckline evokes thoughts of sensual romps -- it's classy not slutty and definitely sophisticated.  The tight belt at the waist with a diamond buckle and the fit and slight flare that flows through and narrows at the hips creates an unforgettable silhouette that is hard to resist.

The perfect accessory for this dress is by So Bad by KL Couture and is called Sophia that is and exclusive at the  J&A Expo put together by Siren Productions.  I love the heavy gold chain necklace that drapes down my back that is accented to beautifully detailed tassels... makes the boys want to pull them.  The necklace is stunning and can be worn in so many ways, I personally love the contrast with black.

Another find at the J&A Expo are the opulent jewel encrusted earrings by Kunglers called Shanti. The earrings come in many gemstones making them perfect to mix and match.  They add a touch of the exotic to any look from sultry siren to  formal "princess".

J&A Expo Exclusives:
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Jewelry - KL Couture - Sophia
Shoes - Lavian&CO- By Sage shoes - Petra
Earrings - Kunglers - Shanti

Dress - Yeliz - *NEW* - So Bad

Skin - Sneak Peek - October 4 Seasons - Catalina Papavar  - will be available at Skin Fair - its a must have... sweet and sensual with full lips, 5 make up options and a natural option and all appliers.
Skin Fair LM -

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