Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mr. X & Captivating Looks @ J&A and Jumo

The Jewelry and Accessories Show produced by Siren Productions is around the corner.  Mr. X and I can't wait to go exploring all the goodies to be found there from February 26- March 5.  I did have the opportunity to get a few items to show you, my choice to wet your appetite!

Captivating Looks is offering a great many quality and unique items at this event.  The orange Tensha beads caught my eye. They are Japanese beads that are handmade by applying elegant artwork to an acrylic bead.  The bead is then sealed and coated with more acrylic to protect it.  Gold or silver accents are the finishing touch to these stunning beads.  The set comes with earrings, a necklace and two bracelets.

Another find by Captivating Looks is the Beachcomber Set.  I like the unisex vibe of this necklace with its draping leather necklace, carved beads, shells and even a shark's tooth.  Wear it casually or formally for a hipper vibe with a gown or cocktail dress.

The beachcomber set comes with two wire bracelets laced with beads and shells, sweet shell earrings and this gorgeous necklace.

I have paired the Tensha beads and the Beachcomber set  with the *new* gown by Jumo called Rivoli in Apricot. I love how versatile all of Jumo's designs are and I liked the way the colors worked with these pieces by Captivating Looks.  I love Rivoli's swank midriff top that is perfect for showing off all kinds of  jewelry with or without the fur sleeves. Mr. X says the fur sleeve accents make a statement.  The abstract texture of Rivoli is stunning and the long wide skirt begs for a dance!


Jewelry - Captivating Look - Exclusive at J&A Expo - Feb. 26-March 5.

Main Store -

Siren Productions Info

Gown - *new* Jumo - Rivoli in Apricot

Skin - *new* - October 4 Season Skins - Guiselle Papavar

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