Sunday, December 4, 2016

RFL Christmas Expo is on... and all is Glitter and Call to All Bloggers

I told Mr. X that the new gown at Christmas Expo by Glitter called  Helena is a must have... it is graceful as the morning  breeze after and reminds me of a beautiful sunrise with it pebbled pink and blue tones... it is elegant... it glimmers and glitters (no pun intended of course)  and best of all... 100% goes to RFL. It is made for classic and mesh bodies.

Helena has a lovely sweetheart neckline and a classic empire waistline that is embellished by a lovely silk sash and a full ball skirt floats dreamily to the ground.  What makes this gown especially delightful is the lovely cape that is attached to this gown... making this a  perfect look for a formal affair... Mr. X likes that.

Glitter also has made a set of ten poses  called Fierce and they are indeed with the best part being 100%  of the proceeds is going to RFL.  So I have an idea, if you are a blogger or photographer or want to start a blog, this is a good time to do it... why not pick up an item at Christmas Expo and enter the "bloggers challenge" !  It goes like this:

Wander the grounds of the SL Holiday Expo and discover a shop you have never heard of before.  Blog about something of theirs that gives you the warm and fuzzies, that captivates and delights you, that you found unique. Find that special holiday gift suggestion.  This is a fantastic opportunity to discover the new or hidden talents in Second Life. Maybe you come across two or three new shops, there is no limit to the number you can blog about. If you find you already know all the shops at the SL Holiday Expo, then choose one that you feel needs more spotlighting.  Remember, this challenge is open to anyone. You do not have to be an official SL Holiday Expo blogger. You do not even have to blog at all.  Please post to  your flickr and the Christmas Expo's Flikr.

Wearing - RFL Christmas Expo Exclusives
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Gown - Glitter - Helena
Poses - Glitter - Fierce
The items are located here at Expo:

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