Monday, December 5, 2016

Mr. X and Celeste * New* Jumo @ Swank

I want to have an elegant evening at home tonight with Mr. X... and what better way to do that than to dress in the opulent new holiday gown by Jumo called Celeste that is an exclusive at the December Swank. This gown is made for regular bodies and comes with a handy alpha layer in five sizes. I am wearing it with my Lara body minus a few alpha layers.

Celeste is made of a fine chiffon full ball skirt that with a gorgeous hand sewn bead work that flows down the front of the skirt in a festive manner.  The bodice is made of the finest of  black velvet and comes with a plunging square neckline that is set off by a lovely belt with a gold belt buckle.

To add to the festive feel and the highlight  of this gown there is a jeweled feather attachment  in the shape of a bird at the shoulder and at the hip adding to the sparkle!  Mr. X likes sparkle this time of year... including sparkling champagne and caviar!

I love the decadent drop earrings that also come with this dress... depending on the color dress you choose... or all four... the earrings are ruby, sapphire, emeralds, amethyst or onyx.  The choice is yours and whatever you choose be sure that you will look dazzling!

Swank LM -

*New* Jumo - Celesete Exclusively @ Swank

Eyes - DS Eyes -Bountiful Moor @ Swank

Hair - Tukinowaguma -Shinobun II

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