Monday, December 5, 2016

Santa's Favorite Elf @ RFL & BOSL Cover Auction

I asked Mr. X what Santa's elves do... he told me that they have a list of mind boggling chores... they make toys, care for the reindeer, wrap presents, help in the kitchen and make sure the North Pole is clean and tidy and one of the most beautiful places on earth to live! And the Auctions @ RFL... who doesn't want to be on the cover of BOSL (Best of Second Life)  Magazine... now you  can be... just head to the auction... and bid

Just like RFL there are elves that build create and others that design.  Then there are those that entertain and organize all the wonderful events and auctions... there are also accounts and publicity elves, even bloggers and photographers... all working together for a great cause.  Relay for Life Christmas Expo is on through December 12 and too much fun too miss... check out my new Relay for Life 2016 Elf Outfit by Fayline Fashions.

It comes with an Omega system for those of you with mesh bodies and also can be worn by classic avatars... it is an exclusive at the Expo and comes loaded with boots, tights, shorts, a hat and even a colorful candy cane brooch and a colorful and fun  ornament  necklace.... yay !

This year there are  two fantastic Entertainment areas at the 2016 SL Christmas Expo – The Winter Cafe & Club, where live musicians and DJ’s will keep you singing along and dancing, and  The Musical Extravaganza Stage where they have dance troupes and tribute bands lined up to perform. They even have performances at the Christmas Tree Lot, the Snowman Area, and of course the Ice Skating Rink. The Expo is filled with wonderful music this holiday season...don't miss the fun!

Wearing :  The Relay for Life 2016 Elf Outfit by  Fayline Fashions
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Winter Cafe and Club
Ice Skating Page
Musical Extravaganza Stage

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