Saturday, December 3, 2016

Mr. X and Winters Eve Guardian Fae *new* BDP Designs @ Fantasy Creme

I told Mr. X that I found a new designer at Fantasy Creme Fair -- Beyond Persuasion Designs (BDP) that is the newest venture of Dragon and Elizabet Skyward. Originally furniture designers for more than two years they have turned their attention to designing clothes for men, women and even petites.  BPD will features the clothing and shoes that reflect Dragon and Elizabet's many sides and reflect their unique taste and custom designs and textures.

Winters Eve Guardian Fae comes in a rich burgundy velvet skirt with an interesting diamond shape pattern pannier at the waistline that is embellished by fine silver hand sewn beadwork adding dimension and elegance to this to this gown that is certainly fit for a princess.  The pannier at the waistline creates the illusion of a bigger hip shape and this style goes back to medieval times.

The full floor length skirt of this gown has white silk accents that glimmer like sunlight on the winter snow and hang from the edges of the diamond pattern pannier.  The sleeves are fur lined in keeping with the medieval style where many clothes were lined with fur. The entire look is complemented by beautiful gossamer wings with an exquisite feather pattern that is delicately enchanting.

The final piece of Winters Eve Guardian Fae is the wonderful Fae horns... beautifully created and come replete with roses and finely wrought chains..... Who wouldn't fall head over heels for the magical outfit that is an exclusive at Fantasy Creme called....Winters Eve Guardian Fae that is made for classic avatars and slink mesh bodies. I wore it with my Maitreya Lara body and after taking off an alpha layer here and there it looked just fine.

So, Mr. X, do you dare to enter the realm of fae's and magic... will you walk with me on an enchanted path... past unicorns and my fellow fairies... mmmmmm I wait..... for your answer.... patiently...... and dream of dancing with you like a beguiling winter prance...amid joyous songs of love and light...

Exclusive @ Fantasy Creme - LM
Gown - Beyond Persuasion Designs (BDP)
BDP Main Store LM

Eyes - Dulce Secrets - Dappled Amber Eyes

Hair - Tableau Vivant Glen II

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