Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mr. X and Amaranth - *new* Poet's Heart

She was the the ruler of dreams...although as old as time, she appeared as a young maiden --fresh -- bright wide intensely delightful eyes --- hair that ripples in a cloud of lavender... she wears an opulent crown of purple and gold by Muse and the new fanciful gown by Poet's Heart called Amaranth.  She evokes summer flowers as does her name... known for their bold beauty....
The East Wind whispers and often calls to her -- she is a fair her fine gown of silk and flowers that comes with a magical color changing hud (for flowers, the center of flowers and even the leaves).... It is perfect to tend her garden of nodding violets, fragrant roses, Queen Anne's lace, rue, tansy. meadowsweet and velvet moss...with tall green grass unbroken amid chamomile and mint... her garden for healing and pleasure...

A world weary sigh escaped her lips as she considered the seeds she has sown to make fairy dust -- it sparkles through and through by crushing dried herbs and flowers and adding a dash of starlight to make it glitter and shine.

I shall make my love a bouquet of meadowsweet and mint flowers to brighten his day... embellished by Queen Anne's  lace for luck, yellow tansy for the sun, and forget me nots for the sky... and to bring him to me...between the sunset and the dawn.

Gown - Poet's Heart - Amaranth in Dusk and Sun comes with fabulous color changing hud for flowers and leaves and flower center!

Muse - Necklace - Earrings, Crown and Veil -Maid of Tuatha in Gold and Purple

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Zulay Papavar

Purplemoon - Sandals - Titania

Hair - D!va

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