Monday, June 6, 2016

Mr. X and Rebecca - *new* Jumo

She was the darling icon of arguably the most creative, freewheeling and debauched decade in recorded history.  1920s Paris.  Look at the  flutter and flash... Mr. X  loves me  like this... and says, the way you look tonight in  Rebecca by Jumo  is the  reason I want time travel to be invented... you remind me of that bohemia  queen Kiki  of Montparnasse....and all I have to say is yes and yes again.

To get to the Left Bank just after the first Great War and long before the second. And to have long  luxurious kisses under a full moon that looks as though it is an opalescent glimmer on the Seine... and then, to Newport...  a summer home... and to witness...never ending parties on  Long Island Sound... wild and impetuous...Rebecca gathers to  create a splash of fringe, a deep plunging neckline and a bandage type bodice  that is so invigorating it will make u want to  foxtrot all night long.... and then.....

LIke all of Jumo's outfits Rebecca comes with a lavish  heavy gold chain necklace with a gold tassel and  drop tassel earrings...  that swing and sway to the jitterbug!

To see her posing for the greatest artists of the day (or any day). To see her sing and dance and love and laugh at Chez Kiki. To see her in the decade and city she owned, where she lived by no one’s rules including her own.  It is but a whisper in time now. Oh, but if you could have seen the Kiki  go…   she and Mr. X........


Gown - Jumo * NEW* - Rebecca
Shoes - Jumo * NEW - Rebecca Sandals

Skin - October 4 Season Skins - Catalina Blossom

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