Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gone Fishin' with Mr. X... Aphrodite @ Heart Homes @ Colabor88

There is nothing quite as romantic as a soft summer breeze, the sound of the waves as it sighs into the arms of the shore only to flow away... to be renewed.  Mr. X on the other hand thinks fishing is romantic!

 Well I suppose there is something relaxing about trolling around with your line to catch the right "fish"!  With that in mind, I went to Colabor88 and found the Fishermans House by Heart Homes.This fabulously low primhouse comes with a rezzer as shown that makes set up a breeze.  This house is a classic fisherman's cottage with plenty of romance and details.
Take for example the fabulous pier perfect for dancing or... ok, fishing.... !  With all the detail of this deck and the realistic rustic textures it is hard to believe that it is only 5 prims!
The porch is great -- with classic weathered Adirondack Chairs delightfully painted with flowers (yes, I would do that!) and lots of bait and fishing poles that work.  The chairs are loaded with AOs for singles and couples... and just so much fun!  Maybe, Mr. X has a point -- fishing is ok!  Actually, there could be a fish on the end of your line...

The house comes fully decorated it is beyond cozy! The  shabby chic couch and chairs, a cozy woodstove (it crackles)  and loads of single and couples ao make this fun.  I love the way Heart Homes has brought the outside in with the details of the aquarium on the wall with moving fish and the net on the ceiling... replete  with starfish!

As for the bedroom... well all I want to do is "rock" that boat  (Mr. X tells me that  I rock the boat always... but not in the way all of you are thinking!!) . The bed is actually a boat... how much fun is that!  It looks out on an aquarium and has couples and singles poses... and artwork and unique port windows.
Ah, Mr. X.....  as always, I write and wait for  you.... but you know I am always your girl.... I have loving eyes.... for you..... sighs.  Ohh... look at the writing on the wall above the door to this house.....

Heart Homes - Aphrodite Shop - Fishermans House
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