Friday, August 15, 2014

Mr. X and the mermaid...Colabor88 & Heart Homes

I have looked long and hard for the perfect low prim -- only 7 Mermaid Bed... and finally I found it... at Colabor88 by Aphrodite at Heart Homes. The bed is embellished by sweet pink scallop shells and wonderful solo and cuddle poses perfect for you with or without fins. You can even light the shell with a pearl!  The bed is called "Pure Seashell."
In addition to the bed, Aphrodite for Heart Homes has also created a  three prim  - must have Octopus Lamp.  The cool thing about this is that it comes in four sizes - table, ground, garden and temple and it is a mere three prims I love the weathered texture on this lamp and I am delighted it comes in so many versions.
There is something so serene about swimming underwater... plus -- Mr. X loves chasing my tail and who can blame him... in this gorgeous mermaid outfit by Purplemoon.

And, to keep Mr. X happy,  he loves the chase,  I have gotten him the Poseidon Fishing Chair by Heart Homes. This colorful chair has singles, couples  and really fun fishing poses. This chair is whimsically painted with a fabulous seahorse motif.  This low prim chair is also available at Colaboro88.

And, yes, Mr. X... take my hand... and follow me deep down into the indigo sea.... we will leave all our cares behind.... and dance under the diamond dancing night.......let's drift in the sea --- together...... how can  you resist the call of a siren of the sea ?

Heart Homes - Aphrodite Shop - Fishermans House
Inworld Store:

Mermaid  World made by Frankx Lefavre

Wearing: Purplemoon - Lorilee -
Skin: Morphine - Jade@ Aloha Fair 
New Home for Morphine Skins....

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