Monday, August 11, 2014

Mr. X and Queen of the Night... new finds at the Black Fair

Mr. X follows the Queen of the Night into the darkness... how can he resist?   Her skin so pale  that she stands in relief against the gloomy landscape...  glistening in the moonlight like an alluring opal... beckoning... Mr. X to the shadows.
As Mr. X beholds her -- he sees a glimmer of understanding and more... perhaps desire... as she holds the keys to 1001 promises of the night.  Mr. X, she asks... "do you like the night"?
Could she be Kali... the blood thirsty goddess of the night -- her skull crown glowing defying all who claim dominion...hands gripping many lethal weapons --

 swift swords and whirling discs lightening cracks open a labyrinthine chain of thoughts and desires... convoluted darkness - chilling.
Slowly Mr. X takes a step toward her.. and she is gone like the midnight fog on the moors or mist rising into the blackness from a bottomless lake... Now he spends his days dreaming of her...waiting for their nocturnal souls to unite...and for the dark journey to begin.  Love for us is dark.

Wearing Black Fair Exclusives
Dress - ghee Black Burn Out Velvet Gown and Shoes
Skin - Morphine - Aunrae Quin smokey

Not at Fair
Hair - Vampire Queen Crown Hair

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