Friday, October 5, 2018

Mr. X and Isobel - New Jumo @ Swank

I love this new outfit by Jumo called Isobel... it is simply angelic and perfect for the Halloween season.  I love the soft transparent texture of the skirt of this outfit that has a beautiful hemline of lace... the texture is so amazing and realistic I feel like I can run my fingers through it.  Isobel is made for slink, maitreya and belleza mesh bodies.

I love the detail in these wings that not only come with a color changing hud to match the dress but they also come with a motion hud.  You can adjust the wings for flying, walking or just standing around looking, well... angelic!  I have combined Isobel with new earrings also by Jumo that are dazzling diamond and gold drop earrings in the shape of the moon and stars... the romantic in me like that.

The top of this outfit is really interesting and reminds me of sexy angel armor!!!  The spikey effect and the hard texture of the top with the soft transparent texture of the skirt and the feathery wings that glow make this look beyond eye-catching..  It is a must-have!  It also comes with a color-changing hud.  Am I a good angel or a naughty one... only Mr. X really knows the answer to this evocative question...


Wings and Outfit - Isobel - Jumo

Earrings - Sun and Moon - Jumo

Hair - shi

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