Friday, October 5, 2018

Mr. X and the Wench - !!SMD!! and Emo-tions

Her beauty was notorious throughout the land; the Colonel was frequently tempted to sell her by the offer of very high prices. All such offers to date he has steadily rejected; it was pride - he wanted to own the finest horses, the most amazing pack of hounds and the most beautiful wench.  Love this new dress by !!SMD!! called Lizette Argent Wench and the new Hair -- exclusive @ Emo-tions called Seychelle in red.

How this wench longs for the sound of the sea...ships in full sail to unknown horizons and new beautiful lands where she could be free to roam where iridescent butterflies glitter amid vibrant wildflowers... the air is warm and sweet and birds chirp in the distance.

Outside the winds blow across the quays, it is cold and frost is on the ground.  I see the ships and wish I was on them rather than on the roadside wishing I was exploring the Western Seas...  And never miss this fab hair called Seychelle @ Hair Fair by Emo-tions.....

Wearing -
Lizette Argent Wench  by  !!SMD!! -

Hair - Emo-tions -   Seychelle @ Hair Fair

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