Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mr. X on the Fringe with L.A. Bo S and TM @ Swank

I love gardens in SL of all kinds... and this month at Swank, TM has created many... I love the tropical garden combined with the Lunatic Fringe Outfit by L.A. BoS.  Fringe -- check -- trendy new floral pattern of giant chrysanthemum...  check... gorgeous... check... Mr. X is checking me out! And, I like that... he especially loves the fringe.....  so do I...

And, a lovely  tropical garden and  beach board walk by TM exclusively at Swank... look at the tropical details... will make you want a mai tai right now!  Thinks to myself... in real life with these heels and the spaces in this boardwalk... (I love it)  but no doubt I would fall... this is almost impossible in SL... thank you very much!  Still loving the fringe... Mr. X is tugging on it  -- oh la la!

 Another build from TM is the  lovely Japanese Rock Garden with bamboo, colorful flowers and even two sweet little birds.  Best of all you can link and unlink this build as well as stretch it out and copy it so you can create a garden sanctuary of your own in SL. It is hard to believe this garden is only 9 prims with the big visual impact it offers.

Another find by TM is  Rose's Gazebo.  It comes in 2 colors light and dark and has 48 animations (24 couple (cuddle) poses 30 sec loop x each)- SEQUENCE: 2 Cuddle-scene Sequence Play up to 8 mins of scene x each (looping)- SOLO (F/M): 2 standing animations for person

Outfit Exclusive @ Swank

L.A. BoS -  Lunatic Fringe

Exclusive at Swank
Gardens and Gazebo and Boardwalk  - TM Creations @ Swank

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