Sunday, July 8, 2018

Mr. X @ Summer Heat- D.E. Boutique and Firelight @ Swank

Summer... how I love the way it makes me feel... and, the way Mr. X knows what to do always...  it is unreal... to be honest...  and now, it is warm and I know... the rain on my skin soothes like the touch of Mr. X. Just like this new gown by DE Boutique called Summer Heat.  It is made for regular and maitreya, slink and belleza mesh bodies and comes with a six color changing hud for the top and skirt.  I love the floral patterns, especially the tropical rainforest green with the fern pattern top.

I feel so sensual in this with the cute Japanese belt at my crop top V neck top... with the sexiest slit open sleeves ever!  Mr. X loves the way they catch the breeze, and he especially loves the way he can slide his fingers on the soft skin of my arms as we walk.....

I have combined the gown by  Firelight with another find from Swank by Firelight called Dione  -- I love the long luxurious locks of this hair  that is elegant in its long lavish curls that are so more sophisticated and alluring than simple braids.... it is like the  summer night in a meadow as the morning dew kisses the  lady slipper flowers and the roses open to let the sun in...  Mr. X, that is you.

Swank Exclusives -

Hair - Firelight - Dione

Outfit  DE Boutique - Summer Heat

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