Monday, July 9, 2018

Mr. X and Strawberries! Moonstar and Ali and Ali

Where I live in RL it is strawberry season!  I could not resist this new dress from XXX called Strawberry that is an exclusive @ Dazzle. This dress has a four pattern color changing hud featuring strawberries on different backgrounds -- it is luscious!  Best of all this dress is made for classic avatar bodies as well as fit mesh, tonic, tmp, slink, belleza and maitreya mesh bodies. I wore it with my maitreya mesh body effortlessly.

The Strawberry Dress also comes with matching sandals and gorgeous strawberry drop earrings and a necklace that look good enough to eat!  This jewelry really completes the look.

I have paired this outfit with new Hair called Beach Bum by Ali and Ali.  It is great casual windblown hair for men as well as women. I love the variety pack.

Beach Bum comes with a fabulous hud that allows you to change the color of the hair as well as the color of the headscarf.  There are eight headscarf colors making it compatible with just about any color outfit you want to wear. It is also very easy to resize and you can wear it with the brights on or off. I love the fact that there are so many options for this fabulous hair offered by Ali and Ali.

I love strawberries -- I mean, who doesn't.  What is interesting is that in Native American culture they represent life and good health. To the Mohawks, the strawberry was the first berry food to appear and the plant was gathered and eaten as a blood purifier.  In California, the Pom hold special Strawberry Festivals and Dances representing the renewal of life.  To the Iroquois, strawberries are symbols of thanksgiving and blessings, the Cherokees believe the strawberry is associated with love and happiness and they consider it good luck to have strawberries in the house.  To the Navajo tribe, the strawberry is considered one of the sacred life medicines. To me, I just love them!

Wearing Dazzle Exclusives

LM --

Strawberry Dress - Moonstar

Hair - Ali and Ali - Beach Bum - Variety Pack

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