Friday, July 6, 2018

Mr. X andy IrrlSIStible @ Swank Tropical Beauty

 You are my sunbeam --- it is like you came from love and Mr.  X  --- I am the fruit of life... this sim is about salt... and I  am all about  fruit as you know  as Khalil Gibran said, " Life without love is like a tree without  blossoms or fruit."  I love the Tropical Beauty  Shoes and Jewels by IrrlSIStible.

At Swank, we celebrate summer... and all  -- this is fantastic it has a butterscotch plaid and fruit of the tropics made for mesh belleza, slink, maitreya and regular mesh... easy to wear and oh so gorgeous... think the mother of the earth to feed all those in need... Mr. X and I  like that!

And now Mr. X... I wait for you... living with fear stops us from taking let's jump into it all and see where we surface...I am here...

Wearing  Swank Exclusive -  IrrlSIStibleTropical Beauty Mesh  Outfit

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