Saturday, May 26, 2018

Mr. X the Drinks are Ready! Swank - Luxe Paris, Firelight, IT! and Aphrodite @ Heart Homes

The theme of this month's Swank is "Wild Spring" so I couldn't but help wear the fabulous ensemble created by Luxe Paris called Wild Night that is an exclusive there along with the hair called Mae by firelight and the necklace by IT all at Swank.  As for the awesome chair, Aphrodite @ Heart Homes on their main sim, marketplace and  a special divan @ Swank.

Where to start about this Rattan Set by Aphrodite @ Heart Homes there is a ladies and gentleman's chair loaded with poses and you can copy everything invite your friends! I love the use of solid rattan slats on one side and a woven floral rattan on the other side... this chair is amazingly well done.  There here is everything from reading and drinking to chatting and even talking on your cell phone!  The cushion can be changed, three prints are offered, each one spells wild spring! The set also comes with a drum style rattan table with a tray of pre-made tropical drinks... really, could you ask for more?  Yes, all this is low prims to boot!  It is a summer must-have.

Luxe Paris... the name of this brand to me says it all, sexy and sophisticated and Wild Night doesn't disappoint.   Wild Night  is made for slink, maitreya, belleza, tmp ebody and classic mesh bodies. Mr. X loves when I wear them, and to be honest, I feel really great and confident when wearing  Luxe Paris. I love the bandage type crop top and the way it accentuates my waist.  I love the attention to detail in the waistband of the skirt that is leopard and really pulls this look together - MEOW!

As for the hair and necklace, I am wearing two more  SWANK exclusives. This sleek sexy hair that hugs my cheekbones is by Firelight and is called Mae -- it is carefree and fabulous. The color changing hud comes with two lighting settings to play with in addition to a superlative selection of color.  The cute necklace is simple and in that beautiful by IT!  There are color changing huds that make this easy to mix and match with many looks.

SWANK - WILD SPRING! almost 150 designers with everything from Fashion, Beauty to Home & Garden, New Expanded GACHA Area, 5,000L Raffle in the board! 7Seas Fishing! All in one place. It's that time to put some Bloom in your life, All exclusive just for you  PS Mr. X holding white and red wine..... hurry!

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