Monday, February 12, 2018

Mr. X and the Red Room... Heart Homes and Ghostyss, IT! @ Swank + Legadaire

50 Shades of Grey is an international sensation.  Mr. X told me that one of the most iconic settings in the 50 Shades of Grey universe is the "Red Room of Pain," also referred to as simply the Red Room.  Heart Homes has been busy creating this iconic setting for you make your own fantasies come true -- in SL at least.  

I woke and saw all was ready in the Red Room by Aphrodite @ Heart Homes -- there are so many poses here... for example...Be a good Mr. Grey and have HER sit first, then HIM, on the Horse, Sofa and Bed --

Sit on it and get a menu of possible poses, click it again to get the menu again to change poses. Some poses give you a prop or two and ask you if you allow to attach it, just say yes, they vanish when you change poses or stand up.  Cuffs and blindfolds are included or use your own!

I  felt ---------His lips on my mouth -- his deep blue eyes gazing like hot coals... Mr. X asked me if I was his naughty Valentine... and I said... yes... especially with this exclusive by Aphrodite @ Heart Homes called the Red Room... love wearing this new hawt red dress by Ghostyss called Amelie made for slink, belleza and maitteya (worn) bodies

Can you believe how naughty I am Mr. X... well -- once a year I suppose... this is really a cool set by Aphropdite at Heart Homes and the dresses by Ghostyss as always... smoking hawt...  have a steamy valentine's day... at least for once!

Swank Exclusives - Aphrodite @ Heart Homes, Ghostyss and IT!
Swank LM -

Furniture -Aphrodite @ Heart Homes - Red Room
Event Swank LM -
Main Store

Outfit - Ghostyss - Amelie and Rebecca
Event Swank LM -
Earrings - IT! Crystal Heart Earrings with color changing hud

Stockings and Boots - Legendaire - Davina Boots  for classic, maitreya, slink  feet

Last Outfit - Violator - MP only

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