Sunday, February 11, 2018

Mr. X and Harper New Jumo @ Swank

Mr. X I find it hard to go to the marshes...  the gatekeeper holds all the keys -- he smiles at me as I watch the mist from the water rise... I told him my heart belongs to the one from the mountains... where doves build their a green sun ripened glade... so beautiful there.... I love this new gown, Harper by Jumo, an exclusive at this month's Swank.

As always, this gown comes with a massive 32 color/pattern changing hud featuring a variety of sensual satin, luxurious lace, sultry sequins, and naughty netting... Mr. X cannot decide what look he likes best... or what color, neither can I tonight I love this lovely periwinkle blue. Harper also comes with a beautiful choker collar and two bracelets... elegant addition....

I love so many things about Jumo's gowns -- the variety of colors and textures offered... and the way they make me feel feminine and sexy at the same time... what a great feeling indeed... this gown in this color reminds me of the early morning light... as the sun kisses the horizon.....

This is only one color in a massive hud and three of the four gorgeous patterns... Mr. X, I wait for you in the glade on the mountain... I wait for you like a potion for hunger and .....

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