Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mr. X and LIZ - New Swank and Emo-tions - Summer Chic Under the sea....

Think of me as a treasure... hidden in the azure and indigo  depths...  Deep down in the indigo depths, Mr. X searches for Lorelei, Queen of the Mermaids whose siren songs reverberates on the midnight wind -- does he hear me call his name? Surely he can in this new outfit by LIZ called Island Girl that is an exclusive at Swank.

Sunlight streaks into the azure depths --- Mr. X searches endlessly thru forests of  kelp and seaweed marshes...  past starfish and stingrays.. in search of the maiden of the sea... that rides seahorses amid  the waves.... in search of treasure and love..... as she wears this gorgeous pirate necklace of ancient coins that is new by Emo-tions called Verena Necklace that is an exclusive at I love Role Play and the cascading waves of  my hair are also Emo-tions @ Hair Fair called LULU it also comes with a shell hat... worn in last blog...

Coral Reefs, Starfish, Seahorses and Shells on silk with  golden celtic threads make Island Girl a perfect ensemble for summer fun... in or under the water!  Island Girl by LIZ is made for belleza and maitreya (worn) bodies. It comes in two other versions, one with flowers and the other in a deep ocean blue. I prefered this white silk with seahorses.... just gorgeous!

So, Mr. X... do you dare follow me... into the sea....take my hand... follow me... let's go... into the sea....underneath the diamond dancing nite.... drift with me....  down... into the deep

Outfit - Swank Exclusive - LIZ - Island Girl
Main store

Hair -  - Emotions - Lulu @ Hair Festival
Event LM
Main Store LM

Necklace - Emotions - Verena Necklace @ We Love Roleplay
Main Store

Boots - Legendaire Scandal Boots for all mesh feet. ten heel color hud

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