Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mr. X and Rosie... NEW MUSE -- Perfect Vintage Chic

I was looking for something a tad retro and sexy at the same time -- a dress for an uptown party at dusk frockling galore on the eve of a hot summer afternoon... watching the sunset with a glass of rum... over the city..... I found the perfect dress by Muse called Rosie  Sleeveless Dress.

Rosie comes with a fabulous color changing hud that offers 12 colors that range from pastels to deep rich jewel tones.  I love the floral pattern that is etched into this dress that creeps up the bodice with a sensuality that draws the eye up and down and back again, Mr. X likes that and so do I.

Mr. X said,  "Sita, you look as good from the front as you do  from the back.... " Pfft.... of course... (I should ask him now to carry all my  traveling bags... to cross the  street, of course!).  In any case, check out the sexy back of this dress.... the floral pattern climbs up  your back like a loving rose bower.....

Don't miss the striking hat and hair called Rosie Hat and Hair. NO fussing this hat and hair are together.  This hair and hat that comes with a color changing hud for the hat that matches the dress. You can also change the hair that comes with a massive "natural" color changing hud that features 48 colors.  This hair is also available in pastel colors as is this dress.

Mr. X feeling so pretty in this that I think I could break your heart... unless of course you  decide to take me for  a ride around the park .... as the sun sets  we will  listen to the sounds of the city... as it slows down... watching the sun sink into the sea.


Dress - * NEW - Muse  - Rosie Hud 1

Hair and Hat  * NEW - Muse - Rosie - Naturals


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