Friday, July 7, 2017

Finds @ Swank Modern Beach House Skybox, Park Place, JS Designs plus Jumo and October 4 Seasons Gift Skin

Wow, it is summer and the Modern Beach House Skybox by Kaya's Ray of Sunshine that is an exclusive @ Swank is amazing. It has lots of rooms, the rooms are large and includes: Four Enclosed Rooms, One Upstairs Loft, One open Main Rooms and One open Back Room on TWO floors.

There is artwork on the walls.  I love this enclosed room with the starfish prints.  I have used the garden set by Park Place in this room for a light and  casual  bistro feel.  Amazingly, this is so spacious -- it is a 30x30 skybox that is only 95 Prims.

The Modern Beach House Skybox allows you to change the sky.  Stand on the patio and look out into the ocean.  TOUCH the horizon and a menu will open with choices for a sky, Stormy, Blue, Sunny or Sunset. The sound of the ocean is important in a beach skybox but sometimes it's just too much.  You can turn the ocean waves off and on in this skybox to fit your mood.  The terracotta pot on the patio has an on/off touch that controls the sound.  Touch the pot and the sound will turn on, touch the pot and the sound will turn off.  I have used Park Place Furniture on this seaside balcony that is also an exclusive at Swank.  I love the peacock chairs and rattan table. The chairs come with  many poses and animations and the table comes with beautiful drinks that you can place on the table that makes this set perfect for dusk....

I am wearing the new gown by JS called Palm Dress made for classic bodies. It is an tantalizing tropical print that comes in  green, blue, red, cyan and pink.  I love the pattern and the  sexy slit up my leg and the deep V-neck of the  bodice.

The necklace is so chunky cool... another fab find at Swank by Modern Couture called Colore Necklace Lime.  It is a perfect necklace for carefree summer fun... and the earrings called Rugaji White are also created by Modern Couture.  They are so artful with a hipster shape and studded with diamonds... perfect show off big earrings. The hair is an exclusive @ Hair Fair by Emo-tions called Joiny -- I love its flowing curls and the way it frames my face.

I decided to wear the new gift skin by October 4 Seasons called Jasmine Flower that is compatible with Letuka and Catwa heads and mesh bodies. Make sure you have the Omega applier for Letuka. The eye make up is Jumo, one of my favorites called Stylesque.

Upstairs there is more  artwork... Don't miss the upstairs in the room is a waterfall piece of art.  The animated water does have sound if you would like.  Just touch the water to turn the waterfall sound on or off.  Now, Mr. X, it is  tropical drink time... meet you on the balcony here that overlooks the ocean... for a nightcap!

Swank Exclusive Gown - JS Designs - Palm Dress
House - Modern Beach House Skybox by Kaya's Ray of Sunshine
Furniture - Park Place: Peacock Chairs, Green Rattan table, Tropical wrought iron table and chairs
Jewelry- Modern Couture - Colore Necklace Lime and Rugaji  earrings
Swank Landmark -

Hair - Emo-tions - Hair Fair - Joiny
Event LM
Main Store LM

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Group Gift - Jasmine Flower

Eyes - Jumo - Stylesque

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  1. Yay! Thank you! Beautiful post. Looks like you are enjoying summer. Hugz!