Friday, June 9, 2017

Mr. X and Dark Wax in A Greek Vampire Temple @ Swank

My roots are gothic look  and  this June Swank has given me the  opportunity to  just  enjoy my gothic side... and Mr. X  thinks I am almost  irriSIStible !!!   And talking about  irriSIStible    she has  created a  classic gown called  Dark Wax!  I am modeling in it in a new  "Greek Vampire  Temple by StudioCraft that is known for  design, color and  details -- and  both are gorgeous.

The Greek Vampire Temple is at it's very best in Ultra Settings (it renders just fine in  regular settings, no worries). The Vampire Temple has  fine detailed work that reflect Gothic dark dreams.  And, irriSIStible - Dark Wax Mesh Outfit that is made for freya, Isis, Hourglass, Maitreya, Physique, Venus is perfect  to wear here with its' dripping waxy and skull hands, flower and candle.  The roses come with a color changing hud.
StudioCraft notes that  as soon as he details things up, the prims increase because of  the intricate details.  As a builder he thinks about making builds as poor on prims as possible. However, he makes his  final decisions by thinking about his own feelings. He wants to be positively surprised when he buys and therefore creates things he likes and enjoys.

Historically and politically correct?  Not always as StudioCraft points out. In his builds, he thinks that artists have the license to break every law to make dreams happen, unless they do harm to others. as for StudioCraft,  if this creator wants to put bluebirds that don't exist in a white tree that does not exist, he does!  He feels that  as a creator he can make something exist -- because that's the wonder of creation. Anything can happen and it does!

So Mr. X... please meet me... now... and we shall explore our dark romance... oh la la... my candles are  burning and the wax is melting.... and I am waiting......

Swank Exclusives --

LM -

irriSIStible - Dark Wax Mesh Outfit

Temple - StudioCraft - Greek Vampire Temple

Tree -  StudioCraft - Greek Vampire Tree

PS. check out  StudioCraft's fab  Huldra Bed and the Sky Box.... @ Swank (maybe will  blog -- it  great)

Hair - acedia albion - superstar - no longer available

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