Saturday, June 10, 2017

More Dark Romance @ Swank...

Lost in the deep velvet night....sheltered whispers are all around me... can you hear them? Smooth words, tender words...teasing... beguiling... mysterious. Tonight you will dream a dream of me with no end and no beginning...shattered dreams that bring dark illusions of raven's wings and the sweet sting of a viper.

I love detailed skyboxes that are roomy and empty! Studio Craft has made a gorgeous stone Dungeon Skybox has three large chambers embellished by columns and separated by classic stone arched doorways. There is a runner that runs down the center of the skybox that sets off the stone floor beautifully. The highly detailed stone walls are set off by columns that add a real 3-d look to this skybox that packs a lot of detail for just 46 prims.  The Dungeon Skybox  is an exclusive at Swank.

Another exclusive is the Huldra Bed bed also by Studio Craft. This bed set looks fabulous in the Dungeon Sky Box and comes fully loaded with singles and couples aos and sequence animations...some are X-rated!  The finely wrought iron bed with red satin cover and pillows is only ten prims.  I like the fact that this bed comes with candelabras and deco mesh branches with lights that add so much to the Gothic ambience.

Another bed offered at Swank is the MW Deluxe Gothic Charm Bed.  This bed comes fully loaded with single sit and a series of six X rated couple animations and one series of sleep animations.

This highly detailed bed  by MW Pixel Dust with its charming chandelier crystals, and hanging glass charms and strings of lights and lovely sheer curtains that seem to  drift in the breeze is 27 prims and an exclusive @ Swank.

I am wearing irrISIStible's Delicious Gothic Mesh outfit that is an exclusive at Swank. I love the boots, necklace and pelvis prim that has skeletons embellished with black lace, roses and ribbons on the side prim and on the necklace.  The boots have skeleton heads with chains and are super cool.

Delicious Gothic mesh is made for all mesh bodies and comes with an applier hud for Maitreya bodies (worn) for the gloves and socks. It also has a 4 color changing hud for the dress and a crown of roses. I loved the crown of roses with the new hair by Jumo called Beatrize Hair. The eye shadow called Stylesque is also by Jumo.

Exclusives @ Swank

Skybox - Studio Craft  - Dungeon Skybox
Bed #1 - Studio Craft - Bed with candles and art deco tree branches with lights

Bed #2 -  MW Pixel Dust - Deluxe Gothic Charm bed with  lights

Dress -  irrISIStible - Delicious Gothic Mesh

Hair - Jumo - Beatrize Hair

Eyeshadow - Jumo -Stylesque

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