Wednesday, June 7, 2017

June Swank - Dark Romance & Mr. X!

The June Swank is now open and  features more than 100 designers with  Fashion, Beauty, Home & Garden all exclusives calling to your Deepest Darkest Love!  The theme this month is Dark Romance.  So get  ready to take a step into the original sins of sexy, seductive and morally dark limits... now Mr. X is intrigued.

It is June and the weather is unseasonably cool.  Sitting alone in my study in the Barclay House that is four blocks from Central Park somehow, I end up daydreaming... I am wearing a new dress by Hot Fuss called Icelyn that is an exclusive at this month's Swank.  I love the trailing lace overskirt on this cocktail dress that defines casual elegance. Icelyn comes with a color changing hud for the sash.

This furniture set is also an exclusive at Swank created by {CdB} or Casa de Bebe.  It is perfect for a classic  boudoir -- you know that private sitting room between the dining room and the bedroom. I love the French style of this chaise which is duchesse brisee (broken dutchess) in style.  It is named because this chaise comprises two separate parts and was used by women for reading!

I love the look of a chaise lounge with its beautifully hand carved arms and legs that is only 15 prims; it is very detailed. This one comes with 18 poses for singles and a texture color changer for the silk throw.  The set also comes with a lovely Aubusson carpet that picks up the color of the chaise and a beautifully carved neo -classic marble fireplace with a  photo.  The black marble table with graceful French legs and a beautiful bouquet of flowers that are also included in the set  complete this romantic room.

I am also wearing two more finds from Swank. I love the way the delicate lace collar and cuffs  embedded with moonstones look with this dress. The collar and cuffs and earrings called Dark Romance is an exclusive by  Heartsdale Jewelry.  I am wearing Lima mesh eyes by Yeux.  These eyes are made for regular and mesh heads and there is a special set of eyes in each package for those with Catwa mesh heads.  Relaxing now, reading my very favorite magazine, KMT, I wait for Mr. X as the sun drops and the soft colors of twilight emerges.

Exclusives at Swank Dark Event
Swank LM -

Dress - Hot Fuss - Icelyn

Furniture - {CdB} - Casa de Bebe.

Jewelry- Heartsdale Jewelry - Dark Romance Collar, Cuffs and Earrings

Poses - Glitter - GP Ava Set

Eyes - Yeux - Lima

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  1. These are gorgeous photographs, Sita! Thank you very much for your excellent work! <3 Bebe Begonia