Friday, March 3, 2017

Bento Head Altamura and New Hair Jumo

This new Bento Head by Altamura called Monique has elegant strong lines, thick sexy eyebrows and lovely luscious lips!  The hud for the head gives you options for clean skin or freckles... and we all know how Mr. X loves those freckles!  Just  remember, order to wear and "see" a bento head, you must have the bento view... I just upgraded to that.., in order to try bento shapes and heads.
To wear the Monique package I advise you to get the Sofia shape  from Altamura - it is beautiful and has a skin hud to match the skin on the head. Monique comes with a hud for the bento head. I know it sounds confusing but it really isn't... because  Monique comes with easy to use 5 step directions and a very helpful staff. These are some of the make up variations....

Although you can wear this head with maitreya and slink bodies, it is advised to wear the Sofia Shape I am wearing the Monique Shape that comes with mesh head, the Monique eyebrows, the Monique Mesh Bento Head, the alpha head and total body and the Sofia mesh body headless (Sophia  sold separately).

The Monique head comes with a applier for make-up that offers four lip colors, four eye colors and two sets of lashes in addition to expressions. Of course the fun is blending the tones of the lips and eyes to match the skin and your outfits.  You can also change the proportions of the bento head which is part of the allure of these heads (if you know what your are doing!)... make sure you make a copy of the head and body before you start fooling around!

I have paired this head with Jumo's new hair called Alessandra... it has a sexy softness to this beautifully created bento head  that will catch every eye in the room...


Altamura *New* Bento Head Monique

@ Skin Fair

Shape: Altamura - Sophia

Hair New Jumo - Alessandra - blondes roots

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