Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mr. X and the Fairy Godmother *NEW* !!SMD!!

I told Mr. X I believe in magic... don't you... you will after you see this new Fairy Godmother Gown my  !!SMD!! -- it is pure "faetastic"!  I admitted to Mr. X  last night that one of my fondest dreams was to become a Fairy Godmother...
I would love to be that mysterious woman that appears by magic usually to attend the birth or christening of an infant...a fairy godmother always comes uninvited to either bless or curse the child... I of course would only bless... while showing off my array of magical abilities...

It would be hard to leave as quietly as I arrived because this Fairy Godmother Gown is so intricate and lavish.  I love the bodice that is embellished with stars and ruffles... the bell shaped skirt has the most intricate texture... the sleeves are belled and so elegant and yes, look at those wings... and high collar they just glisten.... the Fairy Godmother gowns comes for standard bodies with an alpha plus it come for those that wear Slink and Maitreya (worn) mesh bodies making this easy to wear.

Leaving as mysteriously as I arrived  -- I  assured  Mr. X that a Fairy Godmother is a spirit... not flesh and blood...she is a powerful entity... that is unforgettable... Mr. X said, "Sita, my love, so are you in this gorgeous gown."...... it comes in dreamy, glass, magic and wish... I am wearing dreamy.

Wearing  !!SMD!! Fairy Godmother Gown - Dreamy

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