Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mr. X and Liz - *new* Glitter @ Swank

What better way to spend a late winter afternoon than unwinding at a coffee shop..daydreams about parties... the kind that they tell stories about. The kind where someone is always getting pulled away to something better in a different wing.  The best kind of party where your version and my version and the truth just don't match!

Thinking of what to wear to this party, I explored the new March opening of Swank... the theme is Hollywood so expect lots of glamour this month... Mr. X likes that!  I found this retro mod take on a bubble dress by Glitter called Liz Cocktail Dress.

The sweetheart neckline with a fitted bodice and silk belt at the waist is so sexy!  I love the add on layered look of this skirt with it's gorgeous floral brocade pattern that hints at spring. The outer skirt has a delicate lace border that adds a touch of femininity to this dress.  Liz is available in five sizes for mesh bodies. It comes in tobacco, smoke, blush and heritage and mauve.

So Mr. X are you ready for a party... perhaps it won't be the fanciest... nor the most tawdry.  But, I can assure you that in this dress it will be the party that nobody ever forgets!


Exlcusive @ Swank
 Dress - Glitter - Liz Cocktail Dress in Tobacco, Blush and Heritage
Poses - Glitter -

Hair - Jumo - *new* Alessandra - Blonde Roots

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