Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mr. X.. & Rochelle --- it's late... Wicca's Wardrobe, Emo-tions and {CdB}

I told Mr. X that i love love love sleigh beds, I have three in RL so why not in SL.  This sleigh bed was offered at the Feb. Swank by {CdB} and it is called the Esme Sleigh Bed, I am sure it is available at the main shop.
It is an adult bed with all the bells and whistles so to speak and comes with a color changing hud for the sheets, bed spread and pillows.  Night stands and candles are also available. I added the gorgeous Sake Wine Set by Aphrodite at Heart Homes... it is beautiful, low prim and interactive... What better to model with a bedroom set than the *new* lingerie release by Wicca's Wardrobe... I rarely (never) do lingerie but Rochelle Lingerie  Set is so sexy and sporty I had to blog it.

 Wicca is always so clever ppp I love the color changing hud for maitreya, slink, omega bodies... it is beyond easy to use (always remember to clear your layers with your maitreya body).  Rochelle Lingerie  Set  comes with appliers only, you must have the body and yesh worth it -- I only wear Lara Maitreya.

Rochelle Lingerie  Set  has a lavish leather texture  that comes in  five colors delicious colors - red, black, blue, yellow.....  The hair is *new* from Emo-tions and is appropriately called  Before and After--- and is pure sin. It comes in a straight and a wind blown (come hither)  look... Mr. X is definitely in for a treat... don't  you think?  And  Wicca is so damn clever with all the detail... Mr. X I can feel you unlacing the sexy back of this bra top... oh la la  --- and, for god sake, please make sure your hands are warm... or is that my job?

A sleigh bed was born over 200 years ago - though its roots go back as far as the Greco-Roman period. A sleigh bed is derived from the Empire style, a neoclassical trend that was popular in France and the U.S. in the 1800s. One aspect of this trend is their  curved sweeping headboard and footboard that was inspired by ancient Roman and Greek divans.

Mr. X... come feel this luxe leather in my new sleigh bed... the bed is graceful yet dominate...and no, I am not talking about myself... am ?


Outfit -  Rochelle Lingerie  Set  -  Wicca's Wardrobe
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Main Store

Hair - Emotions - Before and After  Brown Hud
We <3 Roleplay.

Aphrodite @ Heart Homes - Japanese  Sake Tray

Bed and  Night Stands  - {CdB} Esme Sleigh Bed (Adult)

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