Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mr. X in the Teagarden... irriSIStible @ Swank

I await Mr, X in the garden... wearing a lovely new gown called Japan Sakura Soul by irriSIStible that is an exclusive at Swank.  This gorgeous Japanese styled gown is a lovely floral print and is made for mesh and classic bodies. I am wearing it with my Maitreya body and it fits perfectly. It also comes loaded with accessories!

Sakura comes with an elaborate floral head piece and two matching chest pieces that are just stunning. This kimono that literally translates as "things to wear" and there is even an elaborate black and gold obi or sash at the waistline. There is even a lovely umbrella to protect your fair skin from the sun. I love the use of textures and colors in this outfit with the cherry blossom pattern on the umbrella mirroring the flowers on the kimono as well as the flowers in my hair.

So Mr. X shall we wander amid the cherry blossom paths to the ancient grove of bamboo...let us stroll hand in hand through the elegant rock garden at Ryoanji as we make our way to the temple of the golden pavilion to have tea as we watch the sunrise.

Wearing - Japan Sakura Soul by irriSIStible

Swank LM

Hair - Tukinowaguma Bigyoku

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