Saturday, January 7, 2017

Styles By Danielle -*Final* Gown MVW and Tribute Schedule

Dani Plassitz is a singer and well known fashion designer in Second Life.  Managed by Sweet Sins - C.Y.D. Records Management run by Sassy (Sweetjc.Resident) and Syl.Darcy.  Dani was also a very good friend of mine, someone I trusted and respected; a friend that I was proud to blog for.  Dani had a keen eye for elegant fashion and thoughtful eye for colors, textures and details.
I helped Dani write the note card for this elegant gown I am wearing that was worn by a 2017 MVW Contestant that not surprisingly came in second in this gorgeous gown. I love the delicate gold lace butterfly sleeves complimented by the lace at the hip and floral details of the rich brocaded mermaid styled gown that gently flairs out in a soft green and gold. The hint of lavender at the hemline of the gown is so beautiful and ties the entire gown together.

That late night on December 11 was the last time I spoke to was a good conversation... work on note card, some gossip and of course, as usual, we ended up talking about cookies and baking... as Dani was also an excellent cook in RL.  Dani Plassitz passed away suddenly on 13 Dec 2017 when she collapsed in her RL husband arms after returning from the hospital. Dani was complaining that she wasn't feeling well on the Monday so her husband took her to the Hospital on the Tuesday, December 13th.  When she returned from the hospital she collapsed -- her sudden death was because of her very low hemoglobin iron count. It was unexpected and tragic, she was only 45.
Dani Plassitz  has a  soft sweet voice and oh my...can she hit those high notes with precision. She has a Amy Grant or Carole King with a little Faith Hill mixed in her music style.  Her sets are always a pleasure to attend, her sets are an Dani sings an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary songs from Doris Day to Evanescence. Tunes like Constant Craving, Crush, I will go down with this ship, Blondie’s Call Me and Sunshine Raggae by Laid Back to name a few were often performed.  Dani was dubbed the Kate Bush of SL after she sang "Wuthering Heights"  the classic by Kate Bush.

There are two events happening in SL to commemorate and celebrate the wonderful person and creative spirit of Dani Plassitz.  The first is on Sunday, January 8 at 11 a.m. SL time with a Models Give Back Fashion Show.  All models taking part in this walk will be in remembrance of Dani's Fashion genius... Styles by Danielle.  The LM is

On Monday, January 9, the music world of SL will commemorate Dani with an ongoing series of concerts beginning at 11 a.m. SL time and concluding at 4 p.m. SL time.  There will be nine entertainers/singers that have dedicated 30 minutes each in tribute to  Dani Plassitz's  singing career on SL.  The LM for this event is  at Dani's Shop and is

The Line- up for this event is as follows:
1) Jeffah24.Resident slt 11am
2) Katia Portugal slt 1130 am
3) Too Realsom slt 12 noon
4) TL TrickyLicks slt 12:30
5) Minsy slt 1 pm
6) Mill Tycoon aka Steven Geller slt 1:30pm
7) Terry Laidbacklive aka Terry Crombie slt 2 pm
Automatic Quandry aka Robert Keller slt 2:30pm
9) Isabella Rumsford aka Andreea Onica Keller (finale) slt 3 pm

Please do join us and keep Dani's magic alive

Music Links for Dani Plassitz -- I believe she now sings with the angels...


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