Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mr. X and Grace O'Malley Purplemoon @ Swank & Glitter Poses

It is the time of year when magic is in the air... and the new outfit by Purplemoon called Grace O'Malley Skirt and Jacket that is an exclusive at Swank. Mr. X tells me... pure magic on me!  It is chic when it has to be chic and casual at the same time.  I am also using the new exclusive poses by Glitter at Swank called "hips"  -- oh la la! They are great and are already favorites of mine... they are sweet and sassy with minimal movement that make for great still images.

I love the cut of the black leather jacket with its deep V neckline and elegant seams that are beautifully executed making this jacket beyond realistic. It is the type of jacket that is anything but boring!

The pencil styled mini skirt with a red and black pattern is unintentionally very flattering and makes me want to go around the grid to show it off!  Instead, I take Mr. X to a pumpkin patch... we both love them and will have fun admiring them.

Jacket and Skirt - Grace O'Malley - Purplemoon - Swank Exclusive
Poses - Glitter - Hips
Skin - Guiselle Marigold - October 4 Season Skins
Swank LM -

Shoes - Jumo - Booties

Hair - TWA - Felipe

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