Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mr. X and Enchantress - Muse @ Swank

Alone by the well of wisdom.... I am still wondering and I muse about the solutions... and speaking of muse... Muse has an new exclusive at Swank that is perfectly goth for the season.

I love this  V cut gown with it's red velvet texture and black lace... so romantic... so goth ... so perfect in an elegant way for the season.  I think I shall ask my apsara's to chant a mantra... of ...

Best of all... and frankly, most amazing is the  rose scarf... it comes in a rainbow of colors so you can wear it with a TON of other gowns and dresses.  It is elegantly wrought in silver with jewels and flowers, each one can be changed... enabling you to make it uniquely YOU!  Mr. X likes that... a great deal.


Gown and  Jewelry -  Exclusive - Muse @ October Swank

Hair - D!va

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