Monday, October 3, 2016

Swank Kicks off October with Culco and Mr. X

Chemistry, that is what Mr. X and I have... a good mix of sugar and spice... this is what he always tells me.  He also left me a note asking me to get ready to step out in a glamorous way tomorrow night.  I heard that Culco designed a striking new gown... called Black Open Back Gown that is an exclusive at October's Swank.

The Black Open Back Gown is something Lauren Bacall would have loved to have worn! I love the silver studded diamonds that swirl  like a decadent dervish down and around the torso of this dress... it reminds me of the way Mr X holds me in a  hurricane of passion.... but, then again... did I almost kiss and tell?  Mr. X loves the top of this dress with its unique see through pattern that is like tongues of lightning on the dark midnight's very sexy!

Black Open Back Gown is made for all mesh bodies --- slink  maitreya, venus, and even us old classic avatars!  No matter what body you wear, this gown is fabulous and you will feel like the most glamorous woman on the dance floor... and if you are... please do kiss and tell... we all love gossip!


Swank Exclusive - Culco - Black Open Back Gown

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Catalina - Blossom

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