Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mr. X and Evanora of the East - Silven Moon

The Empress told me... poor little Xenia, with such boys and her only daughter married into that wicked family to a man that really doesn't care for her...such a false husband.  Alas, the Empress was talking about me... Evanora of the  East.

Despite my precarious situation, I swear as I stand in this garden in a new gown by Silvan Moon Designs called Evanora of the  East that I will indeed live to tell the tale.  I wear the noble color of purple and make sure my ladies in waiting pull my laced corset as tight as it will go in order to show off my small waist and ample bosom. I love the hemline that has a rich gold brocade border long with the edges of the sleeves.

The high neckline with its beautiful necklace of pearls is elegant and adds a dramatic flair to this gown. The flexi prim sleeves and cape of Evanora of the  East are elegant as the gown itself that is made for classic and mesh avatars.  It is a pleasure to wear and  always commands respect -- just as I command respect of my court ... It is a pity I must leave this enchanted and peaceful garden to meet my sweet prince as he arrives at the harbor... hopefully bringing rich silks and satins and jewels that befit a princess.

Gown - Silvan Moon Design - Evanora of the  East

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Catalina Blossom Natural

Hair - D!va

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